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A futuristic makeover for Monaco's Fontvieille

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Plans for an ambitious shopping centre overhaul are in the works to give Monaco a futuristic new look.

The new plan for the Fontvieille shopping centre with connecting funicular line.

"It won't happen overnight...but it will happen." An old tagline for a facial rejuvenation, product but perfectly fitting for the developments heading to the Principality. In 2027, residents and tourists alike will be able to enjoy a new, modern and upmarket shopping centre in the Fontvieille neighbourhood.

This amazing photo was featured in our 2020 Real Estate special after the project was greenlighted in December 2019. But now the sustainable urbanisation project is ready to move forward despite some delays due to the Covid situation.

Encompassing the Léo Ferré Concert Hall, Fontvieille Port and Avenue Albert II, the five-storey complex will boast shops, restaurants, a hypermarket and multiplex cinema. But it won’t be just a concrete jungle - the eco requirements of the small country are requiring the plantation of almost 2,000 trees throughout the new mega-complex.

The huge expansion from the centre’s current size of two floors and 13,245m2 to the proposed five-storied 33,900 m² aims to revolutionise business in the area. If we include the area’s office space, used by the Monegasque authorities and the Monaco Bus Company, the total surface area reaches 40,820m2!

The project was masterminded by Italian architects Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas. The vision will be brought to life by Socri Reim, a real estate company from Montpellier.

Elodie Kheng, Director of State Property, told L’Observateur de Monaco, that the ambitious project was not a question of renovation, but rather a reconstruction. However labelled, shopping lovers on the Riviera can look forward to the state-of-the-art centre revolutionising their experience!

This is not the only exciting new addition to Monaco we can look forward to. The Monaco government is seriously studying the prospect of funicular or cable cars between the Exotic Garden and Fontvieille (at the shopping centre).

The idea is to reduce traffic on Monaco’s roads, which would help the environment whilst making it easier than ever for tourists and residents to move around, all the while in a fun way that also allows for enjoying the principality’s beautiful views! Not to mention the futuristic look that is planned!

Whilst there is also discussion of a stop at the Rock, a decision has not yet been made over how beneficial this would be commercially. Instead, the idea of a lift connecting the Condamine to the Rock is sounding promising. Studies on the proposals have not yet fully clarified these details.

The President of the National Council, Stéphane Valeri, told L’Observateur de Monaco that he felt more confident about the two-stop plan. A survey found that this version of the plan was also more popular amongst the residents themselves, with the incorporation of the innovative transport into areas considered historic, such as Monaco-Ville, cited as a concern.

However Monaco will look over the next decade, the intentions of the plans will ensure living or visiting the principality continues to be a unique and modern experience for all. Although six years still await before we see the finished project, we already can’t wait!

-Kimberley Mannion

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