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A Michelin Starred Food Truck in Marseille

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

AM Restaurant now serves its Michelin starred menu on the streets of Marseille! A brilliant way to cope with the lockdown.

Photo from 'Mazzia Alexandre' on Facebook

Grabbing lunch from a food truck in the street may seem like eating out in its most basic form, and it doesn’t exactly scream fine dining. The streets of Marseille have raised the bar, however, with 3 Michelin star chef Alexandre Mazzia giving passers-by something new to try.

Alexandre Mazzia was awarded his third Michelin at the beginning of this year. The chef of AM restaurant in Marseille is the only chef to have achieved the feat in the past Covid-hit year.

Of course, we all wish we could get back to in-door dining and the full restaurant experience, but Alexandre decided to take matters into his own hands and keep cooking while we await the day the pandemic is over. While it’s not the same as being in the restaurant, it certainly makes the best of a bad situation - his business keeps going, hungry customers get to enjoy his award winning dishes and staff can continue practicing and developing everyday so that when the time does come to open, they will be ready to go and as good as ever.

Staff are not far, physically or mentally, from the intensity of working in a Michelin starred restaurant - the truck is a stone’s throw away from the establishment and churns out up to 200 meals a day. Foodies can enjoy high class cuisine, even during Covid, at the price of 25 euros for the snacking menu and 55 for the gourmet menu.

Starting March 28, Chef Mazzia is doing a collaborative Sunday Brunch with special guests, fellow starred chefs. The AM Sunday brunch kicks off this weekend with David Toutain (2 stars) from Paris and the following invitees include: the Tourteaux brothers (2 stars) from Flaveur in Nice on April 11; Glenn Viel (3 stars) from Baumanière in Les Baux-de-Provence on April 18; and Christophe Bacquié (3 stars) from Le Castellet on May 2. Further guest chefs can be found on the food truck's Instagram, @michelparam.

The brunch menu will set you back 140 euros per person and includes an in-person tasting session in 10-minute slots (for respecting sanitary restrictions) with a complimentary glass of Champagne, followed by the brunch menu packed-up for takeaway. Reservations online.

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