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Alpes-Maritimes to Face Tougher Covid-19 Restrictions

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

The much-anticipated announcement from French Prime Minister, Jean Castex, on Thursday evening, brought us four more weeks of tougher restrictions.

Villefranche-sur-Mer. Outdoor activity only will be permitted!

Non-essential shops must close and inter-region travel is prohibited unless for imperative or professional reasons. Businesses are also asked to impose a work from home policy as far as possible, at least four out of five days.

The new measures come in to place at midnight, Friday 19th March.

The Prime Minister was careful not to use the word confinement, as the restrictions are not as severe as those of the two national lockdowns during spring and November 2020. Outdoor exercise is permitted up to 10km from home, significantly further than previously, and for an unlimited amount of time. Schools will also remain open.

After some confusion and complaints of the system being too confusing, attestations will only be necessary for journies beyond the 10km limit and for leaving home at all times after curfew.

Alpes-Maritimes joins another 15 departments given harder restrictions, mostly in the north of France, including Paris. For the rest of the country, and also for the 16 implicated departments, curfew is being pushed back to 19h, rather than the current 18h.

Nice-Matin reports that following Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi's demands, the Elysée has confirmed that measures in the Alpes-Maritimes region may be eased before the four week period if three conditions are sufficiently met: a significant improvement of the incidence rate in the department, a significant decrease of pressure on hospitals and an acceleration of the vaccination campaign.

Keep safe and healthy, and hopefully, after these four weeks, we will be further along the path back to normality!

- Kimberley Mannion

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