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Cannes Continues to Improve Citizen's Safety with New Emergency Alarm Buttons

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Cannes continues investment in safety and protection against terrorism with four new emergency alarm buttons installed in the centre.

Mayor of Cannes, David Lisnard, with one of the new alarm buttons. © Mairie de Cannes.

The Mayor of Cannes, David Lisnard, has launched four new alarm buttons which are directly linked to the Municipal Police's Centre of Urban Protection. They trigger an immediate alarm and police response in the case of danger.

The new safety tools are located across the city: in front of the SCNF train station, in front of the Palais des Festival and conference centre, the Croisette promenade at the Macé beach and Roubaud square in La Bocca.

Microphones and video cameras next to the buttons allow police to verify whether there is a veritable threat, surrounding CCTV cameras are linked and officers will respond within three minutes in the case of danger.

The initiative is not new - these four buttons will add to 355 already in place in various public places and schools across the municipality.

Making Cannes an even safer and more secure city, the developments are part of the Communal Plan of Prevention of Terrorism Risk, launched in 2015. The first of its kind in France and incorporating advice from international security experts, Cannes has been held up as a national example in the fight against terrorism and recognised by the Interior Minister as well as the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs.

Including installation, connection and taxes, each button costs €7,000. The terrorism prevention plan as a whole has been pumped with €7.5million since 2016.

The Republican mayor has invested in the scheme for the last six years to ensure the protection of his town, a tourist hotspot filled with people all year round hosting international events like the Film Festival.

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