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Cannes unveils high-tech system to disinfect public spaces

Updated: Apr 16

The city seeks to restart the economy and social life with innovative technology to fight against Covid-19.

The municipality of Cannes has announced creative new measures which will come into place from Monday, April 12. This new thinking will complement the municipal policy of prevention and offensive action against risk and has been planned in partnership with the public-private Covid-19 Coordination Committee, created in February 2020.

The ‘Comėte System’ will allow the authorities to keep better tabs on the circulation of the virus throughout Cannes, by analysing the contamination of wastewater. This will allow for the appropriate public health response to be launched in contaminated areas before the situation gets out of hand. This should, in turn, increase public confidence, as dangerous areas will be quickly identified.

The system runs on a map of Cannes split into eight areas, which are all connected to Aquaviva Wastewater Treatment Plant. There is also the possibility of extending the plan to the urban area of Cannes Lérins.

The wastewater detection system map. Photo from Ville de Cannes on Facebook

Water sampling will take place daily from Monday to Friday, estimating the epidemic intensity and provisioning the hospital pressure. Targeted sampling will also take place at hotspots like the Palais des Festivals during events, as well as retirement homes, returning confidence to both the economic life of the city and protecting fragile populations. Where there is alarm caused by the samples, the implicated populations will be offered tests.

As well as this, the municipality is taking measures to prevent infections as far as possible in the first place, ramping up disinfectant tools in buildings. One hundred Uvocare boxes will be delivered to public spaces like schools, city halls and libraries which disinfect small objects such as pens and phones in 30 seconds. 14 Ozone disinfectant cabinets will be made available, which are capable of disinfecting virus contamination on all surface types within 45 minutes. Air purifiers are also being experimented with.

Mayor Lisnard has strived to make Cannes an example in risk prevention, which has led to some establishments, like the Palais des Festivals, to be recognised with the ‘sanitary security label’, the highest North American certificate possible in the field, the first French convention centre to do so.

Mayor Lisnard stated: "These various technological solutions aim to identify the virus a lot faster, to trace it back to the super-contaminators and to disinfect public premises and equipment more effectively. Thanks to a precise and almost instantaneous territorial network, the Comète system targets infectious outbreaks and will allow us to adapt, in the short term, our public health actions. It is through the proliferation of pragmatic and scientifically sound measures that we will emerge more quickly from the crisis. "

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