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Carlton Cannes Furniture Up for Auction

Due the grand remodel, the Carlton Hotel in Cannes has entrusted the Aguttes auction house with selling its iconic furniture, open to all online!

The Carlton Hotel in Cannes is auctioning off its furniture before an ambitious renovation project © Aguttes

The magic, the mystique, the unparalled history of the Carlton Cannes is a treasure the city. Now that the grand palace hotel is getting completely remodelled, the beautiful, rare and special pieces are on auction, giving people a chance to own a true pieces (or pieces) of history.

The elegant 5-star Intercontinental Carlton Hotel has taken advantage of the current health crisis to close the hotel completley (their Beach Club remains open) to expedite the remodel that was originally set to take five years, in sections, but now only two years working full-time.

Those passing by on the Croisette will see the work wall covered in glamourous photos of old-time film stars and the expertly camouflaged contruction offices making them nearly invisible from the Carlton Beach Club.

Set to reopen in 2023 with a completely new and yet always elegant look with a wink to their illustruous history, the Carlton has decided to offer their unique furnishings for anyone to purchase.

With ornate décor befitting royalty, the Carlton was built in 1913 by Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich of Russia, being the temporary and sometimes permanent home to many royals and nobility over the years. Modern-day nobility, the crowd-drawing stars of films have also chosen the Carlton for their stays in the French Riviera. such dazzling names as Grace Kelly, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts have repeatedly returned to their suites.

The Grace Kelly Suite in the Carlton Hotel © Aguttes

Taking place on 26 May, the Carlton is auctioning off its lustrous furniture through Aguttes to buyers online - no need to be in Cannes, or Paris! Chandeliers, lamps, dressing tables, desks, headboards, armchairs, folding screens and even side tables are just some of the majestic items on offer. Even small pieces are up for grabs, allowing almost any budget to own a piece of Carlton history.

True pieces of history

The Carlton has hosted the world's who's who for over a century. As well as accommodating Hollywood's most star-studded names in film, the Carlton also hosted top political figures and VIPs in fashion. The founders of the United Nations met at the Carlton a few days after signing the Council Versailles agreement and many clandestine meetings during the tense period of WWII were held in hushed voices at the Carlton Bar. Most recently, Barack Obama stayed in one of its luxurious suite while visiting the Riviera. The Carlton was also the place of choice for the fateful meeting between Prince Rainier III of Monaco and his future princess, Grace Kelly.

In 1920, Coco Chanel met her perfumer, Ernest Beaux, at the grand hotel to choose from a number of his creations... we all know which one she picked: No. 5.

Imagine the stories each pieces of furniture could tell!!

Up for sale: 'Bateau navigant' structure in the Sean Penn Suite © Aguttes

All items for auction can be viewed on the Aguttes website where bids can be made up to 26 May, and the items will remain viewable after, if you're courious! Don't miss seeing the collection, even if not planning to buy!

Aguttes Auction house:

- Georgina Findlay

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