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Ciné-Concert of Chaplin's 'The Kid' by the Cannes Orchestra

The Chaplin classic will be projected on the big screen, accompanied by the live performance of the musical score for a feel-good holiday treat.

Originally released in 1921, "The Kid" was Chaplin's first full-length feature film, solidifying his signature role of the 'Tramp', or poor street labourer. He wrote, produced, directed and starred in the film. Without a doubt, it is the most personal masterpiece of the great British filmmaker, opening to a huge success and was the second-highest grossing film the year of its release.

For a theatrical re-release in 1972, Chaplin re-edited the film and wrote the music score himself. It is this score that will be performed by the Orchestre de Cannes on 22 December, providing even more power and emotion to the film.

The plot

A destitute and distraught woman gives up her baby, leaving it in a luxurious car with a note reading: "Please love and care for this orphan child". But the car is stolen by two thiefs who abandon the baby a few streets away. The Tramp (Chaplin's character), discovers the baby, and tries to pass him off to bystanders, but when he finds the note, his heart melts and he take the baby home as his own. However, he is not without his problems...

In a series of heartfelt and slapstick events, the inseperable duo eventually cross paths with the unknowing mother, who has since become a famous actress, and the

"The Kid" captivates with a sublime mixture of comedy and tragedy. A tone that we discover from the beginning: "A film with a smile... and maybe also a tear". A lovely Christmas present, to be given to the whole family!

Plus, with the Cannes Orchestra's special family packages, you can save a lot:

  • Package 2 adults + 2 children / category 1 : 56 € (instead of 84 €)

  • Package 2 adults + 2 children / category 2 : 50 € (instead of 74 €)

WEDNESDAY 22 DECEMBER 2021 | 20:30


Palais des Festivals et des Congrès

1 boulevard de la Croisette

06400 Cannes

Duration : about 1h10 without intermission

Reserve tickets online.

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