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COVID-19: France Announces timeline for re-opening

Updated: May 5, 2021

President Emmanuel Macron announced a four-stage plan for the country's return to normality including the long-awaited re-opening of restaurants!

The moment we've all been waiting for! Emmanuel Macron last week set out a four-stage plan for the country's return to normality in the lead-up to the summer, which was approved by the French parliament on 30 April. The new announcements detail changes to the national curfew and the timeline for the re-opening of venues, including restaurants and cafes, as well as a hint that international travel will become possible again from June.

Here's what we can expect over the next two months:

Mon, 3 May: 10km limit on travel will end. Secondary school pupils will start returning for in-person classes.

Wed, 19 May: Curfew will be pushed back to 21:00 from 19:00. Cafés, bars and restaurants will be permitted to open outside, with a limit of 6 people per table. Non-essential shops, museums, cinemas and theatres will be allowed to open with limits on capacity.

Wed, 9 June: Curfew will be pushed back again to 23:00. Cafés, bars and restaurants will be allowed to open indoors with tables of 6. Gyms can reopen; sports will be permitted indoors and outdoors. Visitors from foreign countries will be permitted to enter France with a 'health pass', the details of which have not yet been revealed.

Wed, 30 June: Curfew lifted completely. 1000-person limit on large gatherings lifted, but attendees will be required to show a 'health pass'. Nightclubs will remain shut.

Addressing Parliament on Friday, 30 April French Prime Minister Jean Castex said of the new measures: ''We have a duty to take other social, educational, psychological and economic considerations into account with our decision-making. The impact of these criteria is certainly less immediate but their effects are much better known. We have to find the right balance in the decisions we take from the challenging combination of all these criteria.''

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