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Les Chineurs: The 1st Vintage and Upcycling market at CAP3000

In the style of Portabello Road, the terraces of CAP3000 are transforming into a large community flea market with music, child-care and workshops.

Like a Portobello Road on the French Riviera, CAP3000 is launching the first edition of the Rendez-vous des Chineurs, on Sunday 19 September, on its sea-front terraces, part of CAP3000's new unexpected lifestyle events programme and it sounds pretty fun!

The offers 80 stands, of 8 m2 each, available to individuals (wishing to give a second life to their objects, clothes, accessories, jewellery, crockery and small furniture), to Sunday second-hand dealers, as well as to professionals. For a fee of €25 for non-members of the CAP3000 loyalty programme and €15 for members, CAP3000 provides exhibitors with fully equipped stands (tables, tablecloths and parasols) as well as signage.

During the fair, there will be live music and the "second-hand dealers" will have the opportunity to give a new life to objects they no longer use. At the same time, fans of second-hand merch will discover all these treasures in a friendly bohemian atmosphere.

Leave the kiddos! A fun zone will welcome children who will be looked after by animators from 10 am until 6 pm. An initiative that will delight young and old alike.

UPCYCLING: this year's buzzword

Studies are unanimous: second-hand is now favoured by millenials (25-37 years old) who represent 33% of consumers (according to a study by Thred Up) and show an increase of +37% compared to 2019. The reasons? They are economic as well as ecological. The planet is drowning in waste and throwing away goods that are no longer useful has become a big no-no! And this trend has finally caught-on in the big fashion houses. In 2021, the most accessible brands as well as the premium ones will play the second-hand game. "The Rendez-vous des Chineurs is part of the new consumer trends and with it, CAP3000 reinforces its image as a lifestyle centre, closer to the concerns and expectations of its visitors", says Felipe Goncalves, General Manager of CAP3000.

Second-hand vs Upcycling

Slightly different but equally attractive, upcycling focuses on "making new out of old" and adding value to the final product. Opting for upcycling means making an object your own while making it unique. CAP3000's Rendez-vous des Chineurs will offer a large customisation area where they can take part in workshops and try their hand at stencilling and patina techniques. Lacquers, paints, spray cans... will be available.

All this will, of course, be shared on social media with their hashtag #CAPLovers and there will be a designated 25m2 social media stand, allowing people to create content for their own Instagram and Tik Tok accounts. This space will be animated by the centre's community managers who will welcome visitors around a soft bar, before they enter the Tik Tok photo booth specially designed for the Rendez-vous des Chineurs.

There will also be popular local influencers on hand to share their finds and their creations:

  • Karine Vigier, the #over50 fashion influencer who has 353,000 followers on Tik Tok: she will be present on her own stand and will sell her must-haves on social networks

  • Thibaut and Vincent, from the Instagram account @vinthages, two fans of antique objects, will be on the hunt for retro nuggets to slip into their private flat in Nice

  • Thomas, @chineur_dineur, the southerner with a passion for second-hand goods and tabling (he was on M6 on 23 June), will be running two DIY workshops. A great opportunity to pass on his love of tableware.

The first edition of this Rendez-vous des Chineurs at CAP3000 promises to bring together all second-hand enthusiasts in an atmosphere that is both retro and trendy, with the Mediterranean as a backdrop.

The details:

- Sunday 19 September, from 9 am to 6 pm, non-stop

- On the southern terraces of CAP3000

- 80 stands of 8 m2 each, fully equipped according to the products offered for sale

- Online registration for a stand at

- Stand registration: 25 € for non-members of the loyalty programme and 15 € for members

- Free parking for exhibitors

- Sanitary pass and mask mandatory for all exhibitors

- Mandatory masks for visitors on the terraces and mandatory masks and sanitary pass to enter the shopping centre

- 3 stands reserved for influencers

- Some stands dedicated to Cap 3000 brands

- Do it Yourself workshops from 11am to 6pm

- Fun zone for children, from 10am to 6pm

- Live music from 2pm

Don't miss it! For more information, go to the CAP3000 website:

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