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Macron announces Health Pass now required for all public places

President Macron announces tight new measures against the Delta variant of the Coronavirus, requiring a Health Pass even for cafés and bars.

French President Emmanuel Macron announced the new measures in his 8th address to the nation since the start of the pandemic. Photo: screenshot YouTube

Compulsory vaccination for health care workers, health passports, paid tests - for the eighth time since the start of the pandemic, President Emmanuel Macron addressed the French people in a televised speech on Monday night, 12 July. After the last relaxation steps at the end of June, the Elysée Palace is now pulling the emergency brake in view of the rising Corona numbers. This is because the far more contagious delta variant is also active in France and is becoming an increasing threat, particularly in popular vacation destinations here in the south.

Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate. That was his message to the French public across millions of television screens before the evening programme. Emmanuel Macron sees France, especially with the aggressive Delta variant, now in a fight against a fourth wave of infection. He put the focus on an expanded vaccination campaign, saying, "If we don't act today, case numbers will inevitably skyrocket. (...) We need to vaccinate a maximum number of people," he said.

Mandatory vaccination for health workers

From the end of July, vaccination will be compulsory for all professionals who work in close contact with other people (for example, in the health sector). To this end, vaccination capacities will be further ramped up this summer and especially over-60s who have not yet been vaccinated will be asked to attend vaccination appointments. Starting in the fall, it will also be possible to get vaccinated against the Corona virus in schools and universities. Then there will also be a booster vaccination for the first vaccinated. An overview of the vaccination points on the Côte d'Azur can be found here.

Health pass for public life as of July 21

Major events such as the Nice Jazz Festival and the Cannes Film Festival already require a negative PCR certificate. From July 21, this concept will be extended throughout France to all cultural events with more than 50 participants, train journeys, flights, and even visits to theatres, cinemas, restaurants, cafés and bars for guests over the age of 12. The 'Health Pass' is a digital record or certificate obtained by a negative PCR test (within 48 hours), a vaccination record of both shots (+14 days) or a certificate of recovery from Covid. Without this pass, entry to the above-listed locales will be denied.

PCR tests no longer free of charge from autumn

Residents of France have benefitted from free Covid-19 testing, but President Macron informed these tests will no longer be free of charge from the autumn.

In the next few days, border controls to countries with high rates of virus variants will be tightened. The sometimes necessary tests for entering or leaving the country will no longer be available free of charge to French men and women as of autumn. However, for the moment, the French-Italian border can be crossed by all Côte d'Azur and Liguria lovers without any restrictions.

For President Macron's full speech, in English, click here.


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