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New Contemporary Photographic Art Centre opens in Mougins

The new Centre de la photographie de Mougins opens its doors on 3 July, bringing contemporary art and relevant topics to the village.

André Villers, Self-portrait on Rolleiflex with Picasso, 1957. All rights reserved.

The new Mougins Centre of Photography is dedicated to still and moving images whose aim is to promote and exhibit the multiple trends of contemporary photography. Open to photographic modernity in all its forms, this municipal structure contributes to the culture and tourism policies pursued by the town of Mougins, as well as performing regional outreach and international communication activities.

Opening 3 July, its mission is to support the creation and experimentations of artists of all profiles: from France or overseas, up-and-coming or established. This support takes various forms including producing, exhibiting, publishing and residencies.

In today’s age, to create a photography centre is to embrace the ambition of developing a local, national and international point of reference, with the aim of becoming a key player in the emergence of contemporary creation, participating at every stage from the production of works to the debates they stimulate. With this in mind, the management team headed up by Yasmine Chemali and François Cheval intend to diversify the

Staying in touch with reality by choosing powerful, current subjects; respecting the need for equality by reserving a due place for women’s photography; remaining in a state of permanent vigilance, on the lookout for other forms of expression beyond Europe’s borders-- these are the only rules to be applied to the programming choices. This desire, or rather ambition, requires the sustained implementation of devices and actions designed to stimulate discussion on contemporary art.

The Centre of Photography is a complex: a place for exhibitions and artist residencies, as well as a place for training, complete with documentation centre and educational workshops to activate the exhibition and develop tools to understand photography.

According to the organisers, the photographic medium is a meeting place. A passageway, the bridge between artists and the public. Nowadays, the development of educational and mediation activities has become a priority. The Mougins Centre of Photography wants to place its own emphasis on ‘education through images’ by way of specific activities (guided tours, conferences, meetings with artists, screenings of films and moving images), and to develop activities built around amateur and artistic practices (expression workshops, residency projects and practical workshops in schools or hospitals).

The Centre also want to ensure their program of exhibitions comes to life through a wider set of educational activities. Its priority must be to engage the younger generations in Mougins: schoolchildren, of course, but also teenagers and young adults who bring a new and unique perspective on the production of images as something that they practice every day. In a society undergoing profound changes, the Centre of Photography offers a space for expression and reflection in the historic village of Mougins.

Isabel Muñoz, Man is an island, 60 x 80 cm, 2017. All rights reserved,

Valuing this history was also an important aspect of the project. The Centre is housed in a repurposed old building, completely modernised inside but retaning the history of the exterior. This new community art space was designed by Agence Griesmar Architectes, Atelier Gabrielli Architecture.

The 2021 season begins with a two-floor exhibition of the latest works by Spanish photographer Isabel Muñoz (born 1951). It will be her first solo exhibition at a French institution in over 20 years. In the autumn of 2021, the Centre of Photography will celebrate women’s photography by extending invitations to Natasha Caruana (born in the UK, 1983) and Jenny Rova (born in Sweden, 1972). Their photography is built around personal stories told through familiar experiences. To kick off 2022, the Centre of Photography will explore the very latest Asian photography by showcasing the works of Li Lang (born in China, 1969) and Yuki Onodera (born in Japan, 1962).

Centre de la photographie de Mougins

43 rue de l’Église, 06250 Mougins

+33 (0)4 22 21 52 12

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