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New Monaco Streaming Film Festival to Premiere in July

Before Cannes, cinephiles can experience a new 'hybrid' festival celebrating streaming... the phenomenon that’s got us all through lockdown!

2021 Monaco Streaming Festival © Grimaldi Forum

It’s a new festival that is very much in the spirit of the times, taking place this summer in Monaco: the Monaco Streaming Film Festival (MCSFF). It will take place at the Grimaldi Forum from July 3 to 6, four days before the Cannes Film Festival. Heralded as a borderless, technology-driven festival in which the whole world can participate via an interactive platform, it will bring together content creators and technology developers with representatives from the media and will seek to cast light on streaming and the future of the audio-visual industry.

The programme of events for this ‘hybrid’ festival will include face-to-face and remote conferences, previews (streaming only, of course) that can be seen at the Grimaldi Forum but also online, and finally an awards ceremony during a gala evening. In a way, the festival is a cross between a traditional international film festival and the virtual summit SXSW (South by South West), with a special focus on streaming films and content. It’s a format in which the Grimaldi Forum’s new TV studio, its equipment and its huge LED screen, will play a central role.

Among the Co-Founders of the festival is Mitch Lowe, founding Vice-President of Netflix, while the guest star of this first year’s keynotes is none other than Steve Wozniak, the Co-Founder of Apple. The MCSFF, organized with the main Hollywood streaming studios, the Princess Grace Foundation USA and the GEMA (Global Environment Movement Association), wants to spotlight the streaming industry which has experienced huge growth since the beginning of the pandemic and now produces works recognised through nominations and victories at the Oscars or Golden Globes.

- Jean-Pierre Largillet

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