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'Nuits Carrées': Live Music Returns to Antibes at the end of June

Live music returns to Antibes at 'Nuits Carrées' in June, including jazz ensembles, minimal electro DJs and hip-hop artists!

Nine musical ensembles will play across three evenings from 25-27 June © Nuits Carrées

The 'Nuits carrées' in Antibes will be colourful, varied and open to all. After almost all cultural events fell victim to the pandemic last year, the three-day music festival is back in the heart of the city from 25 to 27 June. The hygienic concept includes, among other things, moving the location from the eponymous Fort Carré to the Pré-aux-Pêcheurs square between Port Vauban and the city wall.

"Culture must be for everyone," emphasises organiser Sébastien Hamard. He shows that this is not just a motto, with the introduction of an affordable fixed price and accessible offers. To ensure that every music enthusiast can take part, all tickets are available for €8. They are valid for one day of the event. Children up to 12 years old can attend one evening for free.

The collective "10 Doigts en cavale" will also perform two concerts in sign language, so that hearing-impaired people don't miss out. Le Chansigne, or sign choirs, interpret concerts live and synchronously in sign language. Not only are song lyrics translated, but also instruments, rhythms and emotions, in order to create a holistic concert experience.

Three bands will play on each of the three festival days, many of them French, but also international. The concerts start at 6pm, 7.15pm and 8.45pm. Admission is always at 5.15pm, closing time at 10pm. Hygiene measures include a reduced audience (600 per evening), compulsory masks and seating only. There will be no standing room.

Friday, 25 June

The French "Minimum Ensemble" with minimal electropop, the Swedish folk musician Peter von Poehl and "French 79" together with Benjamin Faugloire will kick things off. The two French musicians have joined forces to form the duo "Sofa" and make electro-jazz together. Here, piano sounds mix with their reinterpretation on the DJ booth. The duo already thrilled the audience at the Nuits Carrées in 2017.

Saturday, 26 June

Soul, RnB and rock are the focus on the second evening. The band "The Vibes Lobbyists" from Nice, who only released their first singles in October last year, will start. The French trio "Klone" has been in the music business for a long time with seven albums released. The trio plays rock and progressive metal. "The Inspector Cluzo" manage a farm together in Gascony in addition to making music together. On stage they play rock and blues with vocals and guitar.

Sunday, 27 June

Sunday is dedicated to French hip-hop. The concerts by "Mas Kit" and "Java" will be translated in parallel by the sign choir. "Mas Kit" comes from Nice, his music is influenced by HipHop, Afro and Pop Rock. "MLN-Headz", also Niçois, play hip-hop with influences of old-school jazz and trap. At the moment they are working on their first EP. ''Java'' is an unusual quartet because they combine hip hop with accordion music according to the motto: "Sex, accordéon et alcool".

Tickets and the programme can be found at:

- Svetlana Leitz

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