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Riviera Firefly podcast interviews Riviera Insider

Listen to the Côte d’azur tourist staycation guide for our editor's top picks to get back out there and enjoy everything the French Riviera has to offer!

The Riviera Firefly podcast is hosted by local expat and entrepreneur, Antonia Beauvoisin-Brown. If you don't already know her, you are probably in contact with her without even knowing it... She has put together multiple Facebook Groups that connect English-speaking residents, including Côte d'Azur Living, Riviera Firefly, Culture Club Riviera and others.

Antonia is a giant in the local expat business community, being the winner of the Business Person of the Year by the Riviera Business Club in 2018 and going on to be a jury member and coach for local start-ups. She is the founder of Kidooland, a wonderful English-speaking place of learning for kids of all ages, offering after-school sessions, Wednesday classes and summer stages.

She also hosts a regular podcast featuring interesting people and businesses here in the region. It's a great resource for finding businesses, services and also a place to promote your own business.

At the start of the summer, she spoke with Riviera Insider's editor-in-chief, Nicole Ruskell, about the restart of the season and what to get out and do after such a long period of pyjama wearing! Have a listen for cool things to do, some new restaurant and bar openings, music and film festivals, some bucket list items, how to meet new locals and even some of Nicole's personal favourite spots.

Listen to the epidsode directly on the French Riviera Firefly website here, or on your favourtie podcast platform - just search “French Riviera Firefly” on Spotify, ITunes, Stitcher, Amazon Music, Heart Radio and Deezer. The episode is titled: "Côte d’azur tourist staycation guide".

A big thanks to Antonia and her wonderful podcast featuring local businesses and interesting people!

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