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Terroirs & Senses: Discover the best of Provence!

A new taste and sense experience company proposes itineraries to introduce you to small, unique, and traditional Provence artisans.

What would you say to tasting an exceptional wine in the company of the winemaker who created it? To be moved by a perfume that you have just created in a custom atelier? And what would you say to do all this in places that are still preserved - off the beaten track? This is what Brigitte Bouchayer proposes in her personalised sensory tours.

Brigitte Bouchayer, Founder of Terroir & Sens

With her travel and experience company, "Terroir & Sens", Brigitte gives meaning to the discovery of a terroir, that of Provence, in this case, which she fell in love with as soon as she arrived in the Côte d'Azur in 2015. A graduate in sommellerie and holder of a Master's degree in Wines and Spirits, the Parisian travelled all over the world before setting down her suitcases on the Côte d'Azur. While she already knew Grasse and its perfumes or the wines of Bellet and the Var, she discovered, in Provence, perfumed olive oils, tasty fruits and vegetables and above all - behind these products - a unique know-how and passionate craftsmen. Such a passion that it had to be shared.

Authentic experiences

Brigitte has designed full-sensory tours for a day or half-day, in small groups, alongside winegrowers, olive oil producers, perfumers, chefs and other market gardeners. Unique itineraries, "which can be tailor-made according to the desires and needs of each person", says Brigitte, and which can be found "in more remote and less well-known places”.

The idea is not to take them to the big properties that we all know and that are well established, but rather to let themselves be carried away by the uniqueness of a culinary workshop, a gourmet lunch or a wine tasting.

Check it out!

-Marina Carvalho

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