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That's a wrap: Canneseries Season 4

Cannes’ pink week has come to end, but the series we saw, the world premieres and the awarded shows will linger in our minds.

Winner for Best Performance, Pekka Strang in "Mister 8". c. Canneseries

‘Season 4’ was the biggest and most celebrated edition yet, each year growing in popularity, acclaim and industry importance. Variety Magazine describes the festival as 'now fully consolidated as one of Europe’s major TV festivals.' We are lucky to have a front-row seat as Canneseries grows up!

The newest addition this year was the partnership with Dior, who has joined the selection committee and now presents the ‘Grand Prix’ and the 'Dior Revelation Prize'. Dior joins the ranks of award givers, including the well-established industry publications like "Variety" who opens the festival with their Icon Award for outstanding talent and a distinguished career, and "Madame Figaro" who gives the Rising Star Award to a young actress with exceptional talent. "Konbini" grants the Commitment Award for a star's societal, innovative or revolutionary dimension to their work.

Big stars from Germany on the pink carpet: Writer Robert Krause, stars Dominique Devenport and Jannik Schümann for the premiere of "Sisi". c. Canneseries.

Just like the film festival, Canneseries is gaining popularity in being the place for world premieres. In fact, “Around the World in 80 Days” which was not in competition, held the world premiere during the festival. Many other international productions held their premiers in the grand Lumiere theatre, including the German production ‘Sisi’ (also out of competition), featuring German heartthrob, Jannik Schümann, who made the pink carpet and the theatre break out in squeals.


The Canneseries Festival allows us the chance to view these top-quality productions from around the world, many of which we may not have another opportunity to see because of different streaming companies. The fact that the tickets to these events are still free and open to the public (both live and streaming online) is a testament to the spirit of the festival.

No doubt that as it grows, the fun and casual spirit will remain. Canneseries is like the cute little sister of the film festival—the neon pink carpet vs. the serious red; the fun neon palm tree award vs. the heavy golden palm, the ‘pink carpet chic’ dress code where you can wear a cocktail dress and sneakers… Canneseries creators have done a fabulous job branding this festival and it will surely stay young, hip and playful in the years to come.

So, who were the winners of this week-long festival? The results may surprise you, but that’s what makes it so great!


The best and most innovative new series were awarded in various categories. Here are the highlights:

"Mister 8" awarded Best Series and Best Performance

Shot in black and white, the cynical Finnish comedy begins with Juno and Maria, the daughter of a rich industrialist, having a one-night stand and Juno is then chosen as Maria's 'Monday man'. Maria is a control freak with daddy issues and has a lover for each day of the week. She has everything settled with her perfect choice of men. Then Juho comes along and exploits the weaknesses of Maria's other lovers to gradually eliminate them as rivals. Playing this seemingly simple man, Pekka Strang, won the Best Performance award for his role.

"The script shows that great talent can come from anywhere and the codes are constantly changing. Who would have guessed that a black and white, very funny and cynical Finnish comedy would beat out all competitors?" said Albin Lewi, artistic director of Canneseries.

"The Allegation" wins Dior Grand Prix and Best Screenplay

From "The Allegation" c. Canneseries

German criminal lawyer and best-selling author Ferdinand von Schirach has created his first complete original series as a writer with "The Allegation", winning the prize for Best Screenplay. The series is inspired by the Worm Trails from 1994 to 97, in which 25 people were accused of collective child abuse.

The series presents this story in the present day: The accused face fierce reactions on social media; everyone assumes they are guilty. But wait for the plot twists!

"With his script, Ferdinand von Schirach always manages to surprise the viewer by making him believe something is true, only to pull the rug out from under him afterwards," commented the festival jury. The lesson: doubt, as one of the characters says later in the series, is a much smarter attitude.

The trailer of the series can be found here (


  • "Awake" received the Audience Award for Best Series. This is the first Serbian series ever to be nominated at Canneseries and proved it to be a crowd favourite.

  • The Dior Revelation Prize: Malik Gervais-Aubourg for “Wipe Me Away”

  • Best Short Series was the Norwegian series "About Saturday".

  • Best Music went to Giorgio Giampà for the Italian series "Christian".

  • Variety Icon Award went to US actress Connie Britton.

  • Madame Figaro Rising Star went to British actress Phoebe Dynevor.

  • Konibini Commitment Award went to British actress Laurie Nunn.

A full list of awards can be found on the festival website.

Want to see more of these international series? All trailers, as well as exclusive interviews and much more, can be found on the Canneseries YouTube channel.


Stay tuned for the next edition of Canneseries, which returns to its regularly scheduled programme in the spring. It will be held from 1 - 6 April 2022.

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