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The Cannes Orchestra's new 21/22 season will surprise you!

The Orchestre de Cannes has created a varied, fun and contemporary programme for the 21/22 season, including cocktail concerts to mingle with the musicians.

Musical Director, Benjamin Levy © Yannick Perrin

This is not the orchestra of your grandparents. The Orchestre de Cannes General Director, Jean-Marie Blanchard, and Musical Director, Benjamin Levy have created an unexpected and innovative season to make the orchestra more accessible and more attractive to all ages and music tastes. With several new themes and types of concerts, the orchestra is coming back from the year of musical darkness and separation from the public with more intimate and interactive shows.

The new concert series are:

Concert Aperitif – Enjoy an afterwork concert with a one-hour performance by the orchestra, playing light, happy pieces. After the concert, enjoy a drink and mingle with the musicians to get to know them and ask any questions you’d like!

Jeunes en Musique – Welcoming people of all ages, including kids! This concert series is family-friendly to introduce kids to classical music by contemporary composers.

Le Bel d’aujourd’hui (What’s good today) – Featuring music from little-known, fun and contemporary artists to expand what you think constitutes classical music. Come and be surprised! Works by Schoenberg, Jarrell, Ligeti, Amy and Lenot.

Une Oeuvre, Une Heure (One work, One hour) – For those who love the technical side of music or wish to understand more. These concerts take a musical piece and plays it in its entirety, exploring the heart of the composition, preceded by commentary and explanation of the period the piece was released. Perhaps it was a shocking, progressive release at the time… The work is then played in entirety while you can appreciate what you just learned.

Works by Beethoven, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Hayden, Prokofiev and Chostakovitch.

Lidija et Sanja Bizjak © Marco Boggreve

Orchestra tickets within reach!

With the revamping of the Orchestra’s headquarters in Les Arlucs, their small, intimate concerts will now be held in-house for a significant reduction in price. For the concerts held at Arlucs, tickets are 15€ adult / 13€ reduced / 6€ under 26.

The family concerts range from 5 20 € and they offer a family pass at 20€ for 1 adult and up to 5 kids; or 35€ for 2 adults and up to 5 kids. Can’t beat that for an evening outing!

They also offer a series of passes and discounts when multiple concerts are purchased, plus their annual subscription with special invitations and events.

Visit the website for the full schedule and ticket pricing.

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