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Theatre Anthéa: A star-studded season

The new season at the Antibes performance theatre has an all-star lineup for the 2021/22 season.

"Depardieu chante Barbara."

"This programme is amazing!" The young Frenchwoman holds the new Anthéa programme booklet for 2021-2022 in her hand with visible enthusiasm. The names on the midnight-blue brochure of the Theatre of the City of Antibes, underlaid with stars, indeed read like a "who's who" of French cultural life: from Alex Lutz, Carla Bruni, Jane Birkin, Patrick Bruel to Fancis Cabrel, Grand Corps Malade, Kad Merad and Zabou Breitman, to name just a few. And the Depardieus come twice: first on 1 and 2 March, daughter Julie with "Snow Thérapie", then on 4 March, father Gérard with "Depardieu chante Barbara."

Confidence was at the centre of the presentation of the 2021/22 season, which begins in autumn. According to artistic director Daniel Benoin, the period without a play due to the Corona was very well used artistically: "We were not inactive during this time. For example, there were many performances that we broadcast via the internet." Whenever it was possible, rehearsals and planning took place. For example, the Benoin production of "Disgraced", which was enthusiastically applauded by the audience at the preview.

Anthéa Artistic director Daniel Benoin (l.) and Antibes' mayor Jean Leonetti (r.) presenting the impressive programme for the upcoming theatre season. Photo: Ira Söhnge

Opera, theatre, comedy, dance & circus

In the new season, Daniel Benoin once again manages a unique balancing act between opera, theatre, comedy, dance and circus. The programme is full of light to challenging fare. In all, there are 66 plays and 225 performances, including once again many co-productions and in-house productions, which are meanwhile also being performed in other cities.

A stroke of nobility: the Anthéa version of "The Miser" will be staged in Paris in 2022 to mark Molière's 400th birthday. Before that, theatre fans can admire the play in Antibes in January.

One of the most sought-after venues in France

"With all due humility - the last few months have shown that you can't do without theatre," says Antibes' mayor Jean Leonetti, who is also a proven fan of culture. Since Anthéa was founded in 2013, the theatre has become the most visited venue in France after the Comédie Française. For Leonetti, the stars on the programme symbolise the theatre's lasting success. Anthéa is not a shooting star, but will shine forever!

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-Ira Söhnge

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