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WOMEN WOMEN WOMEN - Nice's International Women's Day Program

From March 8 to 14, Nice's cultural web portal, Cultivez-Vous is celebrating women this week with "FEMME FEMME FEMME", featuring numerous women who have made their mark on the city's cultural heritage.

From March 8 to 14, the City of Nice is offering a special program for International Women's Rights Day featuring photo exhibitions, conferences, webinars and testimonials.

Echoing this program, and in honour of the artists, personalities and mythical female characters who have made and are making the history of Nice, Cultivez-Vous dedicates its #THEMA to women, women and women again.

They are shown in every form. Omnipresent, omnipotent, subjects, actresses or muses - but never objects - they exist only in the plural, of course, and can be united endlessly.

On the program 8 - 14 March:

Artists & women at MAMAC

Live online meet-ups: On Thursday, March 11 at 7 pm join the City's Facebook live to attend the online meetings - Les Amazones du Pop at MAMAC for an economic and current perspective on issues at stake in the exhibition "Les Amazones du POP". In partnership with La Tribune.

"Raconte-moi une œuvre": Video focus on iconic works from the exhibition "Les Amazones du Pop" by artists Pauline Boty, Evelyne Axell, Niki de Saint Phalle, Martha Rosler...

Guided tour: Discover the exhibition "The Amazons of Pop". An exhibition that makes "She Bam Pow Pop Wizz!!

Circassian: personal and poetic expression of the body and voice of La Treva by Niki de Saint Phalle.

Solo creative: Bébé Tambour proposes a musical composition combining sound effects and the words of artists from the museum's collection.

Podcast: After Warhol and Klein, it is Niki de Saint Phalle's turn to be the subject of a podcast by Malo Malo.

Artistic education workshops: The artistic and cultural education project "Pop Girls" saw the production of a video by the troisième students of Parc Impérial to denounce sexist stereotypes.

Socialite of the 20s at the Palais Lascaris

Something for the kids (big or small): A brilliant harpist who enlivened the night and the mundane life of the 1920s in Nice by organizing dazzling artistic parties, Gisèle Tissier lived a life of art and music.

Colouring: Give your colours to Gisèle's harp.

Women by all accounts

Portrait: Work of photographer Nick Danziger: "Women Facing War", from which eleven portraits of his women are in the collection of the Museum of Photography.

Unusual Work: The Museum of Fine Arts of Nice invites you to discover a diptych by Rosa Bonheur, known for her animal imagery and for being a pioneer of feminism.

Conference: Denis Tillinac questions the eternal femininity of Western culture at the CUM...

The women of Nice with the Heritage Department

Une femme à fuir : A minute video on the most famous matron in the history of Nice. (Service Ville d'art et d'histoire)

Quiz: Test your knowledge of female " Nissardes " figures. (Archives Nice Côte d'Azur)

Take the quiz!

Live Concert on YouTube by the Ensemble Baroque de Nice

Live concert on Friday, March 12 at 8:30 pm by the Ensemble Baroque de Nice. Includes the origins of the violone by G. Frescobaldi, D. Castello, J.J. Walther.

Watch the concert here:

In addition: a return during the performance of the show " Femmes, le temps d'un chant " from the "Fête des Théâtres" in 2020.

Find the content from "FEMME FEMME FEMME" on the site with #THEMA. This hashtag can be used to find all related events, activities and stories on the Cultivez-Vous website:

Because culture is essential, the cultural players of the City of Nice are committed to offering privileged access to the arts and heritage.

Every week on "Cultivez-Vous", the cultural establishments of Nice invite you to join them. Visits, exhibitions, games, tutorials, artistic performances..."Cultivez-Vous" is the cultural supplement to the City's institutions and generally a multidisciplinary gateway to the treasures they hold.


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